Spot his computer

When are you still behind a desk? Do you need to be? Wouldn't it be great if most tasks can be done from the small screen of a smartphone? Datafounders has helped many individuals and companies break free from the desktop. We've analyzed what it is our clients really need from computing (always less than they think) and how much of it can fit a small screen (indeed usually more than they think).

Computers are so convenient because they replace human routines, like maintaining lists or contacting people. But much software available today hinders you with endless complexity that you don't need. So, reduce your computer. Not only in size but especially in what you use it for.

31 years social?

We call ourselves social because our experience has taught us how to scale the computer in our clients lives. And for that reason we love the smartphones and tablets: finally computing can actually free you from desks, keyboards and wires. We plan to push this forward on the software side and liberate you and your work from time & space constrainst. Want to find out what we can do for you? Fill out the contact form.

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